Teacherweb Review

One of the greatest web tools available to aid teaching is the teacherweb.com. TeacherWeb, the leading provider of template websites for teachers’ use in the classroom and administrators’ use in schools and districts, makes it easy for teachers to create and use web pages to advertise their own classrooms, libraries or schools. These sites are easy to use and customizable. It allows the teacher communicate with students as well as parents. This review will help you see what TeacherWeb is about.

Features of TeacherWeb

There’s really no need for formal training. This resource is very user-friendly for those who have no knowledge of web development but wish to have their own teacher web page. They simply have to which template best works for him/her and choose the graphics and any other tools available that he/she may need. This way, they can save themselves the stress and additional cost of hiring a web developer.

Another great feature of TeacherWeb is the instant access you get once you subscribe to this service. It can take 15 minutes or more to set up the web page, depending on the pace at which you make your choices. Once you have concluded the setup process, your web page is live and ready for use. There is a 30-day free trial period. You could start with that if you’re still contemplating. If you choose to continue after the trial period, you will automatically continue with the same design you chose during setup unless you choose to cancel after the trial period. There won’t be any gap in availability of your site or loss of any part of your service. This continuity will benefit your class.

Other amazing features of TeacherWeb are:

Digital Locker Section

It provides storage space for teachers and students to store their data online safely. There are a wide variety of things you can do via this medium. You can use it as a way to communicate homework, class calendar, and send grade book to your students. You can add your own podcasts, videos, photos and blog posts as well so that your students and other teachers will learn.


These lessons are conducted online. They help the students gain technological knowledge alongside their normal learning curriculum.

Classroom Use

This tool has proved very helpful especially for teachers who have the parents of their students actively involved in their education. These parents can check up and participate with ease and get direct feedback from the teachers without the stress of long calls or go to and from school. You can also use this as an opportunity to let them learn about how to organize and construct their own site using the free trial or assign some of them to be responsible for updating the class web page for you.

Benefits of using TeacherWeb

  • TeacherWeb provides a domain at an affordable cost for those teachers or schools who wish to create a website.
  • They give students, parents, and teachers a practical experience with technology so that they can use to continue to grow technologically.
  • Free 30 day trial run period which will help you decide whether or not you want to fully purchase and use their services. It can also serve as a test run to see how effective their service is, how beneficial it is to you and your students, what you might want to change and lots more.
  • No intense web development education is required. The teacher can simply select which template works for him/her and then choose from the available list of graphics and other tools available. It’s pretty much basic and very user-friendly.
  • Teachers will also save themselves the money of hiring someone to build their web page for them.

Any Drawbacks while using TeacherWeb?

  • It doesn’t give the students much room to practice any web developing skills they might have if they are put in charge of managing the site for their teachers.
  • Based on the teacher’s knowledge, he or she may still need to seek for help just in case he/she wants a highly customized website.


After the 30-day trial period, you can purchase the space at $50 per annum. This cost only applies if you don’t mind a domain name with the TeacherWeb extension [eg: jessica.teacherweb.com]. If you want to purchase a customized domain name, the cost is higher and varies depending on which you choose.

What are others saying?

TeacherWeb has a lot of positive reviews. Several teachers and schools who have used this web resource commended the user friendliness and the ease of connectivity/communication it provides for the teachers, students, and even parents.

Final Thoughts – TeacherWeb

I believe TeacherWeb is a great platform. They are dedicated to helping teachers take and organize their classroom online, bringing parents into the loop of their children’s affairs. This automatically enhances communication between the classroom and home. The only knowledge you need is knowing how to input your information accurately. No knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other language is necessary. As mentioned earlier, you can change graphics as desired by uploading yours or selecting from their wide range of graphics.