Teacher Sites

Teacher sites Whether you are a new teacher, an existing teacher, and even a homeschooling parent, it is still very necessary for you to keep your lesson plans, teaching techniques and other ways you engage your students. Many teachers are looking for Teacher Sites to keep them up-to-date. A great way to do this is using teachers resource websites. These teachers websites aid you to develop exciting intellectually engaging activities for your students. It also helps those students who have learning difficulties and those who do not have, to grow intellectually and not feel stressed.

Some of these teacher sites & resource websites include:

  • Smithsonian Education: This teacher resource website offers a wide variety of free resources for teachers, including lesson plans, virtual tours of their latest exhibits, and the opportunity to connect with experts in the field. They also offer field trips and fun interactive activities for teachers and students.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers: This is a very popular website with over two million original free and for-purchase classroom resources, created by teachers and available for use for teachers who are interested.
  • Teachers Network: This is an online tool for both new and existing teachers, which has a series of lesson plans, free videos, teacher-designed activities for different subjects, how-to articles and other amazing resources.
  • Education World: This is another great website for teachers, that provides teaching tips, lesson plans, activities, academic articles, and other resources. Teachers, administrators, and school staff can visit this platform each day to stay updated.
  • PBS Teachers: This is a great website that can help teachers grow professionally. It is one of the oldest teacher sites available. It offers free teaching resources relevant to different grade categories such as Pre-K-12 instructional resources, online professional development and you, as a teacher could also contribute your ideas.  
  • Kahoot: This educational website brings fun into the classroom by allowing you to create fun learning games for your students – for any subject, in any language, for all ages.
  • Thinkfinity: Thinkfinity is a free online professional learning website for comprehensive K-12 teaching resources. It is filled with free lesson plans, instructional and interactive materials and professional development opportunities for teachers and other educators including parents. They provide access to over 50.000 educators and experts in curriculum enhancement, along with links to discipline-specific websites that focus on science, math, art; to mention a few.
  • Discovery Education: This website captivates pupils and also inspires teachers with engaging interactive content and services. They offer a broad range of free classroom resources that complement and extend learning beyond school hours. They provide digital content, interactive lesson, classroom content and challenges, professional development solutions, networking opportunities and various other resources.
  • Teachers.net: This is a platform where teachers can get to discover new teaching ideas and tips, lesson plans and classroom projects. You can create and share lesson plans, network with your colleagues and other educators around the world, find your next teacher jobs and much more.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: This teacher’s resource website contain original lessons plans, ideas, tips and indexes to over 1,000 lesson planning resources. They offer helpful ideas to make the teaching process easier for new teachers. Their discussion boards allow you to follow previous threads and also begin a thread by asking questions in areas that you are not clear on.
  • Teach with Movies: Theory can get a bit boring and confusing to students. You can make your classroom come to life by teaching with movies. This website shows teachers how to create their lesson plans using movies to teach subjects like social studies, science, arts, English and several other subjects.
  • Teachers First: This web resource was created for teachers, by teachers. They offer a great collection of lessons, units and web resource which help teachers, parents, and students to find resources.
  • Scholastic: This is another great website that provides a lot of different resources for teachers, parents, administrators, librarians and activities for students. They deliver literacy resources for kids, outstanding children’s books to teachers, schools and families, information on books and authors and other amazing learning resources. They provide an opportunity for teachers to engage kids even after classroom hours and help kids to learn to read independently.
  • TeachHUB: TeachHUB.com is another one of the great teacher sites for promoting creativity in the classroom. They offer the latest in education, technology, and other resources, in a humorous way.
  • Kuta Software: This is an awesome instructional software for math teachers that help create the math worksheets you need such as geometry worksheets, algebra 1 worksheets, pre-algebra and algebra 2 worksheets, all free. Students could also learn using these worksheets.
  • EdHelper: EdHelper.com provides teachers and parent who are homeschooling their kids with printable worksheets. They offer a variety of materials such as reading comprehensions, writing, lesson plans, games and many other activities, to make learning fun for the students. These resources are useful for preschool to sixth grade.
  • Enchanted Learning: This learning platform helps create children’s educational websites and games to make learning more exciting and also help stimulate creativity, learning, and imagination. They provide a variety of supplementary printouts, worksheets and project pages, all of which cover almost all the areas of the curriculum for K-12 but the majority of the resources is targeted at K-5.
  • SMART Exchange: This website provides the teachers with a wide variety of lesson plans, question, widgets, and other downloadable content. exchange teaching resources. It allows educators to open, interact and share knowledge/ideas via smart notebook express.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets: This website offers printable worksheets and activities for teachers, tutors, parents and homeschooling families. Subjects (mostly elementary) such as reading, writing, reading and other resources are available on this teacher sites. They provide high-quality materials for students. 
  • ProTeacher: This is one of the professional teacher sites that provides teaching ideas and resources for elementary schools. 
  • Wikispaces Classroom: This platform walks you through the process of creating an online classroom workspace that’s private and customizable. It works across browsers, tablets, and phones, and can be used for day-to-day classroom management, tracking formative assessments in real-time, and connecting with students and parents in and out of the classroom.
  • TeacherTube: This website is considered as the best source for instructional videos in a safe environment. There are clips of teachers, showing off the rhymes they made up to teach some topics so that the children can remember with ease.
  • Science Teachers Association: The National Science Teachers Association site is a treasure site for classroom teachers who may not feel as comfortable teaching geology and astronomy as they do reading and arithmetic. You’ll find journal articles, experiment ideas, and a roundup of the latest science stories in the news.
  • Twitter for Teachers. This site helps teachers learn how to use Twitter through discussions, photos, videos, and more. Students who are also on twitter can follow these threads so they can gain more knowledge.z
  • Edutopia: This is an excellent website that empowers and connects teachers, administrators, and parents with innovative solutions, learning strategies and resources to help you improve on K-12 education.