Being a teacher is one of the few professions that can be exciting and sometimes unrewarding all at once.Most would say, the effort teachers put into shaping the lives of the younger generation is not reciprocated with a due amount of appreciation. So how do you properly express gratitude to your teacher who is retiring for imparting greatly into your life? We have put together a list of great ideas from the wide variety of retirement gifts for teachers there are. Before we get to the list, let’s set some ground rules.

What to bear in mind – Retirement Gifts for Teachers.

To mark the end of their career, it is important that you carefully choose a thoughtful gift(s) that conveys your appreciation. Your teacher may have received countless gifts from students like you over the course of their career, so it’s not going to be easy to come up with something that’s unique. It’s best to steer clear of gift ideas they may have received during festive periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Easter. Since there’s really no way of knowing the exact gifts to steer clear of, adapt the general rule and steer clear of anything that’s common, say a customized mug, as they probably already got quite a collection.

Finding out their retirement plans would also be a great idea. You can even find out from those close to them or even the teachers themselves, if you are subtle enough, what they really need but don’t have yet. This is just about going out of your way just to show your teachers how thankful you are. Try choosing a gift that builds upon one of these retirement gifts for teachers ideas and your teacher won’t want to give that gift away.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers Ideas

A Box of their Favorite Treat

During their years of teaching, you may have observed a particular chocolate flavor, activity, or meal they enjoyed. It’d be a great idea to give them a special treat.

Create a Scrapbook

Getting a scrapbook filled with memories of their career is a great idea. I’m pretty sure your teacher has done some amazing things for her classroom during the course of his/her career. Do some research and ask your classmates or others they may have tutored. Get personalized stories about the special things they did for their students and create a scrapbook to remind her of their great accomplishments as a teacher. It will be something they will cherish for years to come.

Charmed Bracelet/Key Chains

Charmed Bracelets and Key Chains are one of the most close-to-heart gifts on this list. Your teacher would get to wear them everywhere they go, carrying good memories of their teaching days. For a female teacher, you can get her a charm bracelet that includes charms from your classroom, such as tiny pencils, a number of the years she put into teaching, and other school related things. For male teachers, a key ring will be ideal.

Retirement Gift Cards

A gift card is a good way to appreciate your teacher for their effort. The gift card does not have to be in a large amount. It’s all about letting them treat themselves to exactly what they want. If you feel the need to go all out, chances are you are not the only one who feels this teacher went beyond all expectations. There’s nothing wrong in asking for donations for a gift card so they can treat themselves however they choose to.

Photo Collage

There should be plenty of pictures of your teacher doing what they love to do. Ask those close to them and find out who has photos they would be willing to donate to your cause. You can also put up photos of your classmates, and teacher together. You can also try to find photos of the people that they have taught over the years or group photos of her classes throughout the years. Keep it small enough to fit into a large frame or you can make it into a photo album.

Customized Wall Clock

You can get them a customized Wall Clock. One unique way to customize the clock is to engrave a heartfelt note in the clock. It’d make a wonderful addition to their living room, kitchen or wherever.

Organize a Weekend Getaway

The truth is that most teachers often do not get paid the amount that they deserve for their effort. You can make up for that in a way with donations from other parents or people that love them as a teacher and feel that they deserve a vacation. Ask those close to the teacher where they have always dreamed of going to. Trying asking everyone you know to contribute a little bit and try to make the teacher’s dreams come true.

Other thoughtful retirement gifts for teachers include: 

  • A heartfelt letter
  • Spa treatment
  • Book a cleaning or gardening service so they can enjoy a little rest before starting their retirement or get them a gardening tool set.
  • A box of new fishing gear or a new fishing rod for the teacher who loves fishing or kitchen equipment for those who love to cook.
  • Pay for some classes so your teacher can learn more about their new hobby
  • Puzzles, cards, and board games. A hand made gift such as a well-crafted flower vase.
  • Theater tickets, Restaurant voucher, Jewelry, customized notebook or a journal.