Minnesota Virtual Academy Review

Mnvhs is the same as Minnesota Virtual Academy and same as Minnesota Virtual High School. It is a virtual high school.

I am working on researching more on the Minnesota Virtual Academy and will be updating this page as I get the info together. Here is the school websites: https://mnvhs.org/

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Minnesota Virtual Academy: How Does it Work

As a state approved online school, the Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVHS) is an accredited full-time online public school that partners with school districts across the state to serve middle school and high school students, between grades 7-12, who are official residents of the state of Minnesota. These students are educated through an engaging online individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s needs, learning under the instruction of state-certified teachers. They also have the same graduation opportunity as students in the traditional public schools. This review points out important details about this school, benefits of enrolling and some limitations.

Courses Offered at Minnesota Virtual High School

Minnesota Virtual High School has a flexible curriculum, because of its online learning advantage.  School counselors are available to each student to assist with appropriate class selection and provide academic counseling. Teachers are also assigned to each student along with their parents in order to make the learning process easier and more educative. They have full-time and part-time/supplemental programs available for you to choose from, according to your preference. They provide a state-standardized and comprehensive library of core courses and electives, including foreign language courses, for both middle school and high school students. These courses include Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, PE/Health Education, Fine Arts and a variety of electives to choose from. All the textbooks and instructional materials that are needed to complete the program are provided by the school itself and sent directly to the students. The students are expected to have a computer, stable internet connection and necessary writing and printing materials. that delivers curriculum via the internet.

Minnesota Virtual Academy: Cost/Tuition

Minnesota Virtual High School is a public school program offered by Minnesota Transitions Charter School, a state-approved Minnesota public charter school. As a result of this, the school is tuition-free, giving parents the liberty to take advantage of this rare kind of opportunity and educate their students. However, consumable materials such as printer inks, paper and the like are the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the students.

Graduation Requirements

Minnesota Virtual High School requires 64.5 credits to graduate. One class equals 1.5 credits, with the exception of Orientation.

Students Support Services

The MNVHS School Counselors licensed by the state of Minnesota and trained with a school counseling master’s degree, to assist the students in identifying and achieving relevant goals; educational, career, personal and social goals. They work with students to create the best suited academic plans, help to eliminate barriers that are interfering with academic success, guide them while making career choices and respond to their needs when necessary.

The school itself offer personalized services to these students by engaging them in an individualized curriculum, tailored specifically to suit the needs of each student. The learning environment is quite interactive as these students are engaged in an online one on one session with the teachers who then engage them as they would in a traditional classroom. Attendance is strictly adhered to.

Electives Offered.

The electives offered at Minnesota Virtual High School vary for the middle school and high school students. I took the liberty of listing the courses for you. They include:

High School Electives: Anatomy, Astronomy, Comprehensive Physical Education, Computer Applications, Consumer Math, Intro to Accounting, Digital Photography (must have digital camera or camera phone), Forensic Science, Game Development, Individual Sports, Health Careers, Health and Personal Wellness, Individual Sports, Career/College Readiness, Introduction to Art, Online Literacy Prep, Pre-Calculus, Principles of Arts, A/V, & Comm, Psychology, Social Issues, Spanish I A, Spanish I B, Spanish II A, Spanish II B, Spanish III A, Spanish III B and Sociology.

Middle School Electives: MS Career Exploration, MS Computer Applications, and MS Spanish.

Benefits of Enrolling in Minnesota Virtual High School

  • First and foremost, if you are a parent that really wants to know and be in on what your child is learning, then you found a good option.
  • Tuition Free
  • A wide variety of courses that meet the Minnesota state standards.
  • Everything happens online. The teachers, materials and everything else your child need is online. This eliminates additional expenses that transportation and other factors will incur.
  • School Counselors are available to assist with appropriate class selection and provide academic counseling, just like in traditional public schools.
  • This program is self-paced and flexible, with no pressure on the students. Students will be engaged one on one with their tutors without the competitive pressure that happens in the traditional classroom setting. It will give them an opportunity to grow within the stipulated space of time.

Limitations of Enrolling in Minnesota Virtual High School

  • Due to the fact that it is an online school, it does not give room for competition amongst students. The students are not challenged to want to do more than they are already doing and if not kept in check, they may use this as an opportunity to become lazy.
  • It is limited only to students who are official residents of the state of Minnesota


This is a very affordable and stress-free choice of schooling which will be of benefit to parents and students alike specifically those who are official residents of Minnesota. If you are looking to enroll your child in an online high school, Minnesota Virtual High School is actually a great choice!

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