Weekend Delivery Jobs

Weekend Delivery Jobs

If you are looking to make extra money, getting a weekend job is the best option for you. Weekend jobs fit well with a full-time work schedule. If you’re interested in taking a weekend job as a driver, this article is for you. There are several weekend delivery jobs. I’m going to try as much as possible to answer a few of those questions you have in mind concerning the job. Also, I’d attach links to weekend driver jobs available at this time. Feel free to check them out!

How easy is it to get Weekend Delivery Jobs?

Most delivery jobs advertised online are full-time. It’s not so easy to find part-time/ weekend delivery jobs. There are several websites online dedicated to advertising delivery jobs as they come. You can check out indeed.com.

Weekend Driving Jobs – Requirements

Depending on the company hiring, the requirements for weekend delivery jobs are pretty much basic. It is not easy to find companies who hire newbies unless you are a good driver with a clean record. Most companies require candidates who have some level of experience in this job. Duties and training vary depending on the employer.


Education Requirements: Usually, no formal education is required for the job. The job may include filling out papers, loading and unloading goods, and talking with customers. You should be able to read, speak and write in English.Some hiring companies may also require candidates who have high school diploma.


Key Skills Requirements: The minimum requirement for weekend delivery jobs is a valid driver’s license in the state which you work. You must also have a clean driving record. Also, the company hiring you may or may not train you further depending on their policy. For bus drivers or tractor/trailer drivers, you should possess a Commercial Driver’s Licence. Each company would attach other relevant skills to their advert.


Other key skills that would boost your chances of getting hired to include; good eyesight; hearing, and physical condition; customer service skills; initiative; neat appearance; fluent speech, courteous, and work well with little supervision.

Weekend Driving Jobs – Average Income

The average wage for a delivery driver is $13.40 per hour.

Weekend Driving Jobs – Average Working Hours Required

Working hours are designed dependent on the contractual requirements of the site. Based on statistics, delivery drivers work an average of 5 hours per day.

Weekend Delivery Jobs – Benefits

  • Working during the weekend lets you get things done on your own terms without interruptions. There won’t be much to do mainly because people usually don’t come into work during the weekend.
  • Another benefit of getting a weekend job over a conventional second job is that you earn some extra cash in addition to your current income [that is if you have a regular job].
  • You will not only make more money, but you will also add skills acquired and experience to your résumé.

Weekend Delivery Jobs – Drawbacks

The major drawback of taking weekend jobs is the increased stress that comes with it. Balancing this job, your regular job and personal life can take a negative toll on you. It will take some getting used to.

Available Weekend Delivery Jobs

To find available Weekend Delivery Jobs, feel free to do a Google search or visit indeed.com.


Being a teacher is one of the few professions that can be exciting and sometimes unrewarding all at once.Most would say, the effort teachers put into shaping the lives of the younger generation is not reciprocated with a due amount of appreciation. So how do you properly express gratitude to your teacher who is retiring for imparting greatly into your life? We have put together a list of great ideas from the wide variety of retirement gifts for teachers there are. Before we get to the list, let’s set some ground rules.

What to bear in mind – Retirement Gifts for Teachers.

To mark the end of their career, it is important that you carefully choose a thoughtful gift(s) that conveys your appreciation. Your teacher may have received countless gifts from students like you over the course of their career, so it’s not going to be easy to come up with something that’s unique. It’s best to steer clear of gift ideas they may have received during festive periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Easter. Since there’s really no way of knowing the exact gifts to steer clear of, adapt the general rule and steer clear of anything that’s common, say a customized mug, as they probably already got quite a collection.

Finding out their retirement plans would also be a great idea. You can even find out from those close to them or even the teachers themselves, if you are subtle enough, what they really need but don’t have yet. This is just about going out of your way just to show your teachers how thankful you are. Try choosing a gift that builds upon one of these retirement gifts for teachers ideas and your teacher won’t want to give that gift away.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers Ideas

A Box of their Favorite Treat

During their years of teaching, you may have observed a particular chocolate flavor, activity, or meal they enjoyed. It’d be a great idea to give them a special treat.

Create a Scrapbook

Getting a scrapbook filled with memories of their career is a great idea. I’m pretty sure your teacher has done some amazing things for her classroom during the course of his/her career. Do some research and ask your classmates or others they may have tutored. Get personalized stories about the special things they did for their students and create a scrapbook to remind her of their great accomplishments as a teacher. It will be something they will cherish for years to come.

Charmed Bracelet/Key Chains

Charmed Bracelets and Key Chains are one of the most close-to-heart gifts on this list. Your teacher would get to wear them everywhere they go, carrying good memories of their teaching days. For a female teacher, you can get her a charm bracelet that includes charms from your classroom, such as tiny pencils, a number of the years she put into teaching, and other school related things. For male teachers, a key ring will be ideal.

Retirement Gift Cards

A gift card is a good way to appreciate your teacher for their effort. The gift card does not have to be in a large amount. It’s all about letting them treat themselves to exactly what they want. If you feel the need to go all out, chances are you are not the only one who feels this teacher went beyond all expectations. There’s nothing wrong in asking for donations for a gift card so they can treat themselves however they choose to.

Photo Collage

There should be plenty of pictures of your teacher doing what they love to do. Ask those close to them and find out who has photos they would be willing to donate to your cause. You can also put up photos of your classmates, and teacher together. You can also try to find photos of the people that they have taught over the years or group photos of her classes throughout the years. Keep it small enough to fit into a large frame or you can make it into a photo album.

Customized Wall Clock

You can get them a customized Wall Clock. One unique way to customize the clock is to engrave a heartfelt note in the clock. It’d make a wonderful addition to their living room, kitchen or wherever.

Organize a Weekend Getaway

The truth is that most teachers often do not get paid the amount that they deserve for their effort. You can make up for that in a way with donations from other parents or people that love them as a teacher and feel that they deserve a vacation. Ask those close to the teacher where they have always dreamed of going to. Trying asking everyone you know to contribute a little bit and try to make the teacher’s dreams come true.

Other thoughtful retirement gifts for teachers include: 

  • A heartfelt letter
  • Spa treatment
  • Book a cleaning or gardening service so they can enjoy a little rest before starting their retirement or get them a gardening tool set.
  • A box of new fishing gear or a new fishing rod for the teacher who loves fishing or kitchen equipment for those who love to cook.
  • Pay for some classes so your teacher can learn more about their new hobby
  • Puzzles, cards, and board games. A hand made gift such as a well-crafted flower vase.
  • Theater tickets, Restaurant voucher, Jewelry, customized notebook or a journal.

Weekend Accounting Jobs

Weekend Accounting Jobs

Vying for weekend jobs can be as competitive as full-time positions. If you are looking for weekend accounting jobs, I’m going to try as much as possible to answer a few of those questions you have in mind concerning the job. Also, I’d attach links to weekend security jobs available at this time. Feel free to check them out!

How easy is it to get Weekend Accounting Jobs?

It’s not so easy to find part-time/ weekend accounting jobs. There are several websites online dedicated to advertising nursing jobs as they come. You can check out indeed.com.

Weekend Accounting Jobs – Requirements

Due to the nature of this job, you must have the appropriate qualifications before you can be hired. Since you will be responsible for the banking and bookkeeping of a business, you should be able to interact well with others amongst other qualities.


Some of these qualifications are;

  • Education Requirements: High school diploma; associate’s degrees in business or accounting recommended
  • Necessary Job Skills: You should have some of these skills at least to increase your chances of getting hired. Math and detail oriented skills, good work ethics, high display of professionalism, Familiarity with computer technology and knowledge of a variety of software programs related to the field, interpersonal skills amongst others.

Weekend Accounting Jobs – Average Income

The average wage for an accountant varies depending on the level you are applying for amongst other factors. For instance, the median hourly wage for an Accountant I is $24. This value will definitely vary from organization to organization.

Weekend Accounting Jobs – Average Working Hours Required

Working hours are designed dependent on the contractual requirements of the site. Usually, working hours for weekend accountants is within the 5-8 hours range.

Weekend Accounting Jobs – Benefits

  • Working during the weekend lets you get things done on your own terms without interruptions. There won’t be much to do mainly because people usually don’t come into work during the weekend.
  • Another benefit of getting a weekend job over a conventional second job is that you earn some extra cash in addition to your current income [that is if you have a regular job].
  • You will not only make more money, but you will also add skills acquired and experience to your résumé.

Weekend Accounting Jobs – Drawbacks

The major drawback of taking weekend jobs is the increased stress that comes with it. Balancing this job, your regular job and personal life can take a negative toll on you. It will take some getting used to.

Available Weekend Accounting Jobs

Here are some available weekend nursing jobs. Feel free to do a Google search for more job options or visit indeed.com.


Teacherweb Review

One of the greatest web tools available to aid teaching is the teacherweb.com. TeacherWeb, the leading provider of template websites for teachers’ use in the classroom and administrators’ use in schools and districts, makes it easy for teachers to create and use web pages to advertise their own classrooms, libraries or schools. These sites are easy to use and customizable. It allows the teacher communicate with students as well as parents. This review will help you see what TeacherWeb is about.

Features of TeacherWeb

There’s really no need for formal training. This resource is very user-friendly for those who have no knowledge of web development but wish to have their own teacher web page. They simply have to which template best works for him/her and choose the graphics and any other tools available that he/she may need. This way, they can save themselves the stress and additional cost of hiring a web developer.

Another great feature of TeacherWeb is the instant access you get once you subscribe to this service. It can take 15 minutes or more to set up the web page, depending on the pace at which you make your choices. Once you have concluded the setup process, your web page is live and ready for use. There is a 30-day free trial period. You could start with that if you’re still contemplating. If you choose to continue after the trial period, you will automatically continue with the same design you chose during setup unless you choose to cancel after the trial period. There won’t be any gap in availability of your site or loss of any part of your service. This continuity will benefit your class.

Other amazing features of TeacherWeb are:

Digital Locker Section

It provides storage space for teachers and students to store their data online safely. There are a wide variety of things you can do via this medium. You can use it as a way to communicate homework, class calendar, and send grade book to your students. You can add your own podcasts, videos, photos and blog posts as well so that your students and other teachers will learn.


These lessons are conducted online. They help the students gain technological knowledge alongside their normal learning curriculum.

Classroom Use

This tool has proved very helpful especially for teachers who have the parents of their students actively involved in their education. These parents can check up and participate with ease and get direct feedback from the teachers without the stress of long calls or go to and from school. You can also use this as an opportunity to let them learn about how to organize and construct their own site using the free trial or assign some of them to be responsible for updating the class web page for you.

Benefits of using TeacherWeb

  • TeacherWeb provides a domain at an affordable cost for those teachers or schools who wish to create a website.
  • They give students, parents, and teachers a practical experience with technology so that they can use to continue to grow technologically.
  • Free 30 day trial run period which will help you decide whether or not you want to fully purchase and use their services. It can also serve as a test run to see how effective their service is, how beneficial it is to you and your students, what you might want to change and lots more.
  • No intense web development education is required. The teacher can simply select which template works for him/her and then choose from the available list of graphics and other tools available. It’s pretty much basic and very user-friendly.
  • Teachers will also save themselves the money of hiring someone to build their web page for them.

Any Drawbacks while using TeacherWeb?

  • It doesn’t give the students much room to practice any web developing skills they might have if they are put in charge of managing the site for their teachers.
  • Based on the teacher’s knowledge, he or she may still need to seek for help just in case he/she wants a highly customized website.


After the 30-day trial period, you can purchase the space at $50 per annum. This cost only applies if you don’t mind a domain name with the TeacherWeb extension [eg: jessica.teacherweb.com]. If you want to purchase a customized domain name, the cost is higher and varies depending on which you choose.

What are others saying?

TeacherWeb has a lot of positive reviews. Several teachers and schools who have used this web resource commended the user friendliness and the ease of connectivity/communication it provides for the teachers, students, and even parents.

Final Thoughts – TeacherWeb

I believe TeacherWeb is a great platform. They are dedicated to helping teachers take and organize their classroom online, bringing parents into the loop of their children’s affairs. This automatically enhances communication between the classroom and home. The only knowledge you need is knowing how to input your information accurately. No knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other language is necessary. As mentioned earlier, you can change graphics as desired by uploading yours or selecting from their wide range of graphics.

Teach English Online Without A Degree

Teaching online gives you a very flexible schedule and also the privilege of working from the comfort of your home. The advancement in communication technology has made securing this kind of job so easy that it is not uncommon to see someone teach English online without a degree. This gives one the opportunity to reach students from across the globe, who are interested in taking online English classes either because they do not have the time to take a regular course, or are not opportune to have native English speakers to tutor them. Now, you can earn a salary much higher than you would earn locally, teaching from the comfort and privacy of your own home, save money on commuting costs and have the freedom of determining what your work schedule looks like amongst other benefits.

Who Can Teach English Online Without a Degree?

Although a degree is not required, the minimum online teaching requirements for most countries nowadays is a recognized TEFL [Teaching English as a Foreign Language] Certificate from an accredited program, and native-English speaking abilities. Requirements vary from job to job and as such, you should still be able to teach English online without a degree if you have native English speaking abilities, the willingness to learn how to teach English effectively, a reliable internet connection/an active subscription and a very flexible schedule. Doing a TEFL course will help you feel comfortable and confident with your decision to teach English online without a degree and having this qualification will help you boost your chances of getting hired, showing potential employees your level of commitment to being a teacher. It might be useful to do some volunteering work, as this will help improve your chances of getting a good position with a salary that reflects the fact that you have experience.

How can You Prepare to Teach English Online Without a Degree?

You should take advantage of the readiness and availability of information on the internet. Blogs, LinkedIn learning, YouTube channels amongst others are great platforms that provide you with tips, trainings, and advice you need as you prepare to enter the online teaching world.

Important Points to Consider

It is important that you make certain decisions first before choosing to teach English online. Some of the important points to consider are:

School of choice: You could either choose to work for an online school, tutoring service platform or develop and run your own platform. To teach with an online school and tutoring service, there is a compulsory application process you must go through which includes some get-to-know-you questions and a few brain teasers to test your ability to teach English. As mentioned earlier, you will be most likely required to have a TEFL certification and experience. It is also important to remember that TEFL, TESOL, and TESL Certification are similar, so whichever one you have is still great. When it comes to creating a profile, be sure to create one that promotes you as a person and as a qualified tutor. If you want to have more freedom and higher profits, running your own website is clearly the best choice. The downside to this is that you do not have your work cut out for you, this means that you must be prepared to work hard to promote your services and find students.

Unique Selling Point: What makes you stand out from other tutors? You should be willing to help your students build their vocabulary base amongst other important English work in a manner that is efficient, effective and unique. Whatever you choose to do, you must be clear on what it is you will offer, and provide some form of structure, like lessons plans and some guidelines in reference to what you will help your students accomplish. Are you great with idioms, slang, or specific vocabulary? It’s important to identify your niche. Bring on your A-game.

Mode of Communication: Online schools usually have their own platform, usually in some form of a chat room. However, if you are working on your own, you will need to have a very reliable internet connection. There are several options for communicating with your students which include: Instant messaging service, like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or Skype; Internet VoIP service for calls. Video conferencing is also necessary to deliver lessons that are just as real as face-to-face classes. All you need is a functional webcam and microphone or you could use your laptop if it is up to standard. There are video conferencing platforms that are very easy to use like MSN Messenger. You may also choose to record podcasts or audio files in MP3 format. It is advised to research and explore other options, taking advantage of the online technological resources available.

Payment Plan: It is important to have an agreed payment plan with the students if you have your own platform or the online school you work for. Online schools usually transfer payments to your bank account, PayPal account, send a check or use some sort of payment processor. If you have your own platform, PayPal offers some very useful services, but you may also choose to accept payments through credit cards or any other available means you prefer. Do a bit of research and find out what your competitors are charging.

Promoting your services: People cannot patronize who or what they do not know about. If you decide to teach English online, you won’t find any students unless you promote yourself and your business. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do this online. You can do this using the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram amongst others. Advertising on websites with a lot of English learners can also help. Driving traffic to your website with SEO strategies, PayPerClick campaigns, and other forms of Internet marketing also helps. You could add a blog to your site and provide useful tips and advice for students.

There are several platforms to teach English online without a degree. Some of them include Tutor ABC, iTalki, Verbling amongst others. There has never been a better time to teach English online. Using someone else’s platform is the easiest way to get started but you can set up your own online business teaching English online with a minimum investment and watch it grow. You should be flexible and patient during this job search as finding a place to teach English online without a degree will take longer to find. However, with patience, hard work and dedication, it is possible to build a career in teaching even without a degree.

More Educational Websites here.

Teach English Abroad Without Certification

Did you know you can teach English abroad without certification? Teaching has become one of the most sought after jobs especially for recent graduates and travellers who do not wish to stay idle during their trip. Not all countries require a TEFL certification to teach, although, those who have certification stand a higher chance of getting hired and earning more income. There are various opportunities to teach English abroad without a certification especially if you are a native English speaker. Proficiency in the local language is rarely a requirement for obtaining this job type rather your native speaking credential and bachelor’s degree is all you might need to secure a teaching job. As a foreign guest, a work permit is also required for you to be able to teach especially in countries like Asia and Eastern Europe.

Options Available To Teach English Abroad Without Certification

When it comes to getting certified, most people have not gone down that lane either because of the expensive cost and how long it will take to get certified. There are various options for those who want to teach English Abroad without certification.

Volunteer Teaching: This is a great way of starting off your teaching career abroad. As a volunteer, you may be teaching in a rural area with a small group of students, comprising of people in different age ranges and English-speaking/writing abilities. You will not receive any salary or stipend but you will get to interact extensively with the students more often and also have a very flexible schedule that will enable you to do other things.

Language Exchange Homestays: This is a great choice for undergraduates or graduates who are seeking for short term jobs. As a new teacher who is not too confident of his/ her teaching abilities, this is a great option for you. These positions do not require TEFL qualification. In exchange for accommodation and board, you are obligated to teach your English to your host family for about 20 hours each week.

Paid English as a Second Language via recruitment companies: The pressure of finding and securing a place to teach is more difficult than when you have support from an organization. It is getting much harder to find work in ESL, and governments are becoming more restrictive in their visa requirements, and these factors give a strong edge to someone who is credentialed over someone who is not. However, for a fee, there are several companies that will help you secure teaching positions abroad before you depart, guide you through the departure and pre-departure process and provide on-site support for the duration of your stay. You just have to hit the ESL job boards and see what employers want and what governments require.

Freelancing: If you do not to work by partnering with organizations, you can search for a teaching position of your own. You could do a google search for websites that have what you are looking for. Securing the job for yourself is very cheap as you do not have to pay for program fees to get set up. However, there is no guaranteed placements, visa support or any other incentives that come with being supported by an organization.

While making plans to teach english abroad without certification, you need to:

Decide what you want to accomplish teaching English abroad. You might want to gain more teaching experience, a cross-cultural experience, trying to raise money or to learn a new language. Perhaps, you are undecided about teaching and want a try-out before committing to an academic career. Whichever reason it is, just be sure to choose job openings that will help you achieve your purpose.

Choose a host country. You should make a choice according to your priorities, preferences, cultural experience or whatever important criteria there is on your list. Narrow your selection to a geographical area. If money is a priority, South Korea will be a great choice for you. If you are simply interested in imparting knowledge, you could choose a third world country.

Get the credentials you need. Credentials give you an edge in getting into programs, especially in competitive locations such as Eastern Europe. Requirements vary from country to country. Some programs may require only a degree while others may require you to enroll in TESL courses. Take English-as-a-second-language [TESL] courses. You can also enroll in an ESL program as a literacy volunteer through a college, university or religious organization. Getting certified in ESL will give more edge than someone who is just a mere degree holder no matter how much skill you think you possess. Volunteer organizations offering opportunities to teach English abroad, such as the Peace Corps and Teachers for Africa, look for candidates who also have business, science, math or health backgrounds.

Apply to a U.S.-based organization. These organizations usually arrange for your placement abroad, housing accommodations and work permits. Writing to them is a great idea but you stand a better chance of getting accepted if you visit the country, apply in person and get interviewed. Before applying, it is important to consider the transportation cost and lodging fee as well; you may have to pay for lodging in advance. Find out if a program requires an application or program fee. Be sure to ask all the right and important questions so you won’t be misinformed.

Experience in teaching is often more valued than certificates. It is a plus for you if you do have experience. If you don’t, it is important you use this beginning phase of your career to get acquainted with the classroom and the way things should be.

While some employers require certification, some others do not require it. It all differs from country to country. A Master’s degree in education or a related major and sometimes a teaching license in your home country could be accepted as a substitute for the certification. Whatever the requirements are, do not settle for less. There are many organizations and countries you can teach English abroad without certification. Happy Job Hunting!

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Online High School Teaching Jobs

New online high schools teaching jobs are the new kind of teaching opportunities around America and also around the world.There are American Opportunities and overseas opportunities. Non-English Speaking Countries like China require virtual English teachers will to make extra money working from home.  

As a result of this development, many teachers are turning to online teaching due to its flexibility, thus qualified teachers are in high demand. If you’re a qualified teacher with experience in a classroom setting, looking to make a career change and an impact in new teaching technologies, online teaching is definitely your next big career move. These online high school teaching jobs, full-time or part-time, are very rewarding financially and less time-consuming. You will be expected to be available to engage the students as you would in an offline classroom setting and interact with them via emails, discussion boards or whatever available means of communication. The curriculum for this online classes is usually determined by the school and you as a teacher are expected to follow the outline set for each course.

Requirements for Online High School Teaching Jobs

To begin your career on this path or make the career switch from offline to online high school teaching jobs, you must have a valid teaching certification for the state the school is based in. For instance, if you are looking to get an online teaching job in California, then you must have California teaching certification. This is because online charter schools are publicly funded i.e. they are controlled by local districts and as such, they must follow the guidelines set by the government. Privately funded online schools, however, have a more flexible hiring system but those teachers with certification and impressive work experiences are more favored than those with none. A degree [at least a bachelor’s degree], classroom teaching experience, technological proficiency and excellent communication skills are also very necessary. You must be comfortable with computers and technology, being able to interact with students via email, message boards, and other virtual reality platforms. English is the language that is generally acceptable on most online high school platforms so you should have excellent written and spoken communication skills.

When it comes to courses, English is considered as the queen of all courses as so many teachers are in hot pursuit for this teaching position. The average salary for online high school teaching jobs is dependent on the course you choose to teach but most of them pay hourly. According to my research, the estimated average for these virtual teaching position range from $11.50/hour for Preschool Teachers to $51.07/hour for Assistant Professors. Online high school teachers fall some between this range.

Opportunities for Online High School Teaching Jobs

Local Opportunities: It is much easier to begin your search for these jobs locally. Establish contact with those online charter and private schools around you to see if they have open positions. Most of them require an interview with their applicants face to face. It will be more helpful to you if you get your resume ready and be prepared for an interview just in case they are hiring. Another option is to look for those online high school that enrolls students in multiple states. You could apply online as most of them accept applications via the internet. Most of these schools advertise their online high school teaching jobs with contact information and the application methods included while others require you as a potential employee to research the appropriate contact information and make contact with them.

Overseas Opportunities: Online High School Teaching jobs are available mostly for English teachers. You can apply online via their website or wherever you are directed to. It is also important to know that having the appropriate certification will help boost your employment probability. For instance, TEFL is a required certification for teaching English abroad although some schools can hire you without it. Just get all the necessary credentials ready along with your resume so you can send them when requested.

Indeed.com is one place to look when searching for online jobs. It is a platform that lists openings across the USA in all careers. Searching for jobs here can be cumbersome so to make your search easier, try searching using quotes in your search string to find specific phrases, such as “online teaching” or “online adjunct.” According to research, Indeed.com should be your first stop because they have the most open positions for K-12 online education than any other resources. Some other platforms for online high school teaching jobs include; Upwork.com, BuddySchool.com, Teacher-Teachers.com amongst others. Be sure to do a thorough research before applying with any of them.

To advertise yourself on any of the platforms, write up a brief description of your qualifications, specify your area of teaching, and include your contact information. If you have a LinkedIn profile with an online resume, make sure to include that link too.

How can you stand out as a virtual Teacher?

There is competition in this market and you need to be able to stand out in order to get hired. Interaction with your potential employers will definitely be virtual so it is important that you carefully consider each interaction as an opportunity to prove yourself as one fit for the position. Your application is definitely not going to be the only one sitting on the principal’s desk so it is important that you do not leave out any work experience, skill or credential you have as it relates to this position. Lay emphasis on your strong points. For instance, if you are good with computers and other technologies, you should add that to your application and even include it in your cover letter. This will go a long way in boost your potential in addition to your credentials and work experience. Keep your emails very professional and straight forward. Double check your emails before sending. Make sure that your grammar is correct and formal and also ensure that your email attachments are correctly in place. It is also important that you are flexible and available as you’d be expected to respond to students in a timely manner. Use this opportunity to prove to them that you can be flexible and available by responding to your emails promptly.

State the average annual salary for high school and elementary school teachers in the US (entry level is good. Give a general requirement (Education, experience, language, licenses & certificates) to get online teaching jobs, an average salary for virtual teach positions, what courses are most wanted.

Teacher Sites

Teacher sites Whether you are a new teacher, an existing teacher, and even a homeschooling parent, it is still very necessary for you to keep your lesson plans, teaching techniques and other ways you engage your students. Many teachers are looking for Teacher Sites to keep them up-to-date. A great way to do this is using teachers resource websites. These teachers websites aid you to develop exciting intellectually engaging activities for your students. It also helps those students who have learning difficulties and those who do not have, to grow intellectually and not feel stressed.

Some of these teacher sites & resource websites include:

  • Smithsonian Education: This teacher resource website offers a wide variety of free resources for teachers, including lesson plans, virtual tours of their latest exhibits, and the opportunity to connect with experts in the field. They also offer field trips and fun interactive activities for teachers and students.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers: This is a very popular website with over two million original free and for-purchase classroom resources, created by teachers and available for use for teachers who are interested.
  • Teachers Network: This is an online tool for both new and existing teachers, which has a series of lesson plans, free videos, teacher-designed activities for different subjects, how-to articles and other amazing resources.
  • Education World: This is another great website for teachers, that provides teaching tips, lesson plans, activities, academic articles, and other resources. Teachers, administrators, and school staff can visit this platform each day to stay updated.
  • PBS Teachers: This is a great website that can help teachers grow professionally. It is one of the oldest teacher sites available. It offers free teaching resources relevant to different grade categories such as Pre-K-12 instructional resources, online professional development and you, as a teacher could also contribute your ideas.  
  • Kahoot: This educational website brings fun into the classroom by allowing you to create fun learning games for your students – for any subject, in any language, for all ages.
  • Thinkfinity: Thinkfinity is a free online professional learning website for comprehensive K-12 teaching resources. It is filled with free lesson plans, instructional and interactive materials and professional development opportunities for teachers and other educators including parents. They provide access to over 50.000 educators and experts in curriculum enhancement, along with links to discipline-specific websites that focus on science, math, art; to mention a few.
  • Discovery Education: This website captivates pupils and also inspires teachers with engaging interactive content and services. They offer a broad range of free classroom resources that complement and extend learning beyond school hours. They provide digital content, interactive lesson, classroom content and challenges, professional development solutions, networking opportunities and various other resources.
  • Teachers.net: This is a platform where teachers can get to discover new teaching ideas and tips, lesson plans and classroom projects. You can create and share lesson plans, network with your colleagues and other educators around the world, find your next teacher jobs and much more.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: This teacher’s resource website contain original lessons plans, ideas, tips and indexes to over 1,000 lesson planning resources. They offer helpful ideas to make the teaching process easier for new teachers. Their discussion boards allow you to follow previous threads and also begin a thread by asking questions in areas that you are not clear on.
  • Teach with Movies: Theory can get a bit boring and confusing to students. You can make your classroom come to life by teaching with movies. This website shows teachers how to create their lesson plans using movies to teach subjects like social studies, science, arts, English and several other subjects.
  • Teachers First: This web resource was created for teachers, by teachers. They offer a great collection of lessons, units and web resource which help teachers, parents, and students to find resources.
  • Scholastic: This is another great website that provides a lot of different resources for teachers, parents, administrators, librarians and activities for students. They deliver literacy resources for kids, outstanding children’s books to teachers, schools and families, information on books and authors and other amazing learning resources. They provide an opportunity for teachers to engage kids even after classroom hours and help kids to learn to read independently.
  • TeachHUB: TeachHUB.com is another one of the great teacher sites for promoting creativity in the classroom. They offer the latest in education, technology, and other resources, in a humorous way.
  • Kuta Software: This is an awesome instructional software for math teachers that help create the math worksheets you need such as geometry worksheets, algebra 1 worksheets, pre-algebra and algebra 2 worksheets, all free. Students could also learn using these worksheets.
  • EdHelper: EdHelper.com provides teachers and parent who are homeschooling their kids with printable worksheets. They offer a variety of materials such as reading comprehensions, writing, lesson plans, games and many other activities, to make learning fun for the students. These resources are useful for preschool to sixth grade.
  • Enchanted Learning: This learning platform helps create children’s educational websites and games to make learning more exciting and also help stimulate creativity, learning, and imagination. They provide a variety of supplementary printouts, worksheets and project pages, all of which cover almost all the areas of the curriculum for K-12 but the majority of the resources is targeted at K-5.
  • SMART Exchange: This website provides the teachers with a wide variety of lesson plans, question, widgets, and other downloadable content. exchange teaching resources. It allows educators to open, interact and share knowledge/ideas via smart notebook express.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets: This website offers printable worksheets and activities for teachers, tutors, parents and homeschooling families. Subjects (mostly elementary) such as reading, writing, reading and other resources are available on this teacher sites. They provide high-quality materials for students. 
  • ProTeacher: This is one of the professional teacher sites that provides teaching ideas and resources for elementary schools. 
  • Wikispaces Classroom: This platform walks you through the process of creating an online classroom workspace that’s private and customizable. It works across browsers, tablets, and phones, and can be used for day-to-day classroom management, tracking formative assessments in real-time, and connecting with students and parents in and out of the classroom.
  • TeacherTube: This website is considered as the best source for instructional videos in a safe environment. There are clips of teachers, showing off the rhymes they made up to teach some topics so that the children can remember with ease.
  • Science Teachers Association: The National Science Teachers Association site is a treasure site for classroom teachers who may not feel as comfortable teaching geology and astronomy as they do reading and arithmetic. You’ll find journal articles, experiment ideas, and a roundup of the latest science stories in the news.
  • Twitter for Teachers. This site helps teachers learn how to use Twitter through discussions, photos, videos, and more. Students who are also on twitter can follow these threads so they can gain more knowledge.z
  • Edutopia: This is an excellent website that empowers and connects teachers, administrators, and parents with innovative solutions, learning strategies and resources to help you improve on K-12 education.



Minnesota Virtual Academy Review

Mnvhs is the same as Minnesota Virtual Academy and same as Minnesota Virtual High School. It is a virtual high school.

I am working on researching more on the Minnesota Virtual Academy and will be updating this page as I get the info together. Here is the school websites: https://mnvhs.org/

And here you go….

Minnesota Virtual Academy: How Does it Work

As a state approved online school, the Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVHS) is an accredited full-time online public school that partners with school districts across the state to serve middle school and high school students, between grades 7-12, who are official residents of the state of Minnesota. These students are educated through an engaging online individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s needs, learning under the instruction of state-certified teachers. They also have the same graduation opportunity as students in the traditional public schools. This review points out important details about this school, benefits of enrolling and some limitations.

Courses Offered at Minnesota Virtual High School

Minnesota Virtual High School has a flexible curriculum, because of its online learning advantage.  School counselors are available to each student to assist with appropriate class selection and provide academic counseling. Teachers are also assigned to each student along with their parents in order to make the learning process easier and more educative. They have full-time and part-time/supplemental programs available for you to choose from, according to your preference. They provide a state-standardized and comprehensive library of core courses and electives, including foreign language courses, for both middle school and high school students. These courses include Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, PE/Health Education, Fine Arts and a variety of electives to choose from. All the textbooks and instructional materials that are needed to complete the program are provided by the school itself and sent directly to the students. The students are expected to have a computer, stable internet connection and necessary writing and printing materials. that delivers curriculum via the internet.

Minnesota Virtual Academy: Cost/Tuition

Minnesota Virtual High School is a public school program offered by Minnesota Transitions Charter School, a state-approved Minnesota public charter school. As a result of this, the school is tuition-free, giving parents the liberty to take advantage of this rare kind of opportunity and educate their students. However, consumable materials such as printer inks, paper and the like are the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the students.

Graduation Requirements

Minnesota Virtual High School requires 64.5 credits to graduate. One class equals 1.5 credits, with the exception of Orientation.

Students Support Services

The MNVHS School Counselors licensed by the state of Minnesota and trained with a school counseling master’s degree, to assist the students in identifying and achieving relevant goals; educational, career, personal and social goals. They work with students to create the best suited academic plans, help to eliminate barriers that are interfering with academic success, guide them while making career choices and respond to their needs when necessary.

The school itself offer personalized services to these students by engaging them in an individualized curriculum, tailored specifically to suit the needs of each student. The learning environment is quite interactive as these students are engaged in an online one on one session with the teachers who then engage them as they would in a traditional classroom. Attendance is strictly adhered to.

Electives Offered.

The electives offered at Minnesota Virtual High School vary for the middle school and high school students. I took the liberty of listing the courses for you. They include:

High School Electives: Anatomy, Astronomy, Comprehensive Physical Education, Computer Applications, Consumer Math, Intro to Accounting, Digital Photography (must have digital camera or camera phone), Forensic Science, Game Development, Individual Sports, Health Careers, Health and Personal Wellness, Individual Sports, Career/College Readiness, Introduction to Art, Online Literacy Prep, Pre-Calculus, Principles of Arts, A/V, & Comm, Psychology, Social Issues, Spanish I A, Spanish I B, Spanish II A, Spanish II B, Spanish III A, Spanish III B and Sociology.

Middle School Electives: MS Career Exploration, MS Computer Applications, and MS Spanish.

Benefits of Enrolling in Minnesota Virtual High School

  • First and foremost, if you are a parent that really wants to know and be in on what your child is learning, then you found a good option.
  • Tuition Free
  • A wide variety of courses that meet the Minnesota state standards.
  • Everything happens online. The teachers, materials and everything else your child need is online. This eliminates additional expenses that transportation and other factors will incur.
  • School Counselors are available to assist with appropriate class selection and provide academic counseling, just like in traditional public schools.
  • This program is self-paced and flexible, with no pressure on the students. Students will be engaged one on one with their tutors without the competitive pressure that happens in the traditional classroom setting. It will give them an opportunity to grow within the stipulated space of time.

Limitations of Enrolling in Minnesota Virtual High School

  • Due to the fact that it is an online school, it does not give room for competition amongst students. The students are not challenged to want to do more than they are already doing and if not kept in check, they may use this as an opportunity to become lazy.
  • It is limited only to students who are official residents of the state of Minnesota


This is a very affordable and stress-free choice of schooling which will be of benefit to parents and students alike specifically those who are official residents of Minnesota. If you are looking to enroll your child in an online high school, Minnesota Virtual High School is actually a great choice!

Other Educational Websites

Educational Websites : Your Hub for Education Platforms & Tools

This is a useful educational websites compilation. Between its overly demanding schedules, exorbitant financial requirements, and steadily declining standards – there seems to be no shortage of reasons to ditch traditional education for less conventional options. Technology has, without a doubt, eased the search and provided multiple alternatives from which teachers, students, and parents can choose and utilize from the comfort of their homes.

While traditional learning may not be a thing of the past, it certainly does not provide the customization that educational websites do, thus making e-learning a more viable option – So, which sites are best for students and what can you expect in terms of experience and cost?educational websites


College & Postgraduate students constitute a significant portion of the e-learner market making up to 70% or more its entire population – thankfully there is an unending list of both paid and free e-learning sites, with more being unraveled daily.

 Free Educational Websites for College and Post-Graduate Students:


  • Cousera: Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects. It was founded by two Stanford lecturers and offers over 2000 course options to its 25 million users.
  • Stanford Online, Open Yale & Harvard Extension: These are particularly likeable options because – well, who doesn’t want an excuse to be taught in a renowned ivy-league institution? Each of these sites provides course content exclusive to their schools, but their course varieties are less rich than multi-school sites.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy gained popularity for being an online coaching website.  It allows a win-win situation for the students by giving them the liberty to learn at their own pace, as it has a personalized dashboard to gauge the progress report.


  Paid Educational Websites for College and Post-Graduate Students:


  • Penn State World Campus: Penn State World Campus offers more than 125 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors. It grew out of the University’s long and distinguished history in distance education which that began in 1892 which already Ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide.




  • UMass Online: offers online options for graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as certificate and training programs in business, criminal justice, public health, liberal arts, and others.




  • University of Florida Distance Learning: The University of Florida offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees online. online degrees from UF are the same as those earned on campus and as such require formal admission thus Applicants must meet UF’s general admission requirements, as well as those specified by the individual degree program.




Online high schools are an ideal choice for students who require more flexibility, customization, and self-directed education. Available to both teens and adults wishing to complete their high school graduation requirements, online high schools are accompanied by additional benefits not usually found in a traditional system.

Free Websites For High-School Students:


  • Minnesota Virtual High-School: MNVHS is a free online high school program offering a comprehensive, accredited, state-aligned curriculum which includes foreign language classes.
  • Insight School Of Washington: It is Approved as a Multidistrict Online School Program and provides an Online Alternative Learning Experience designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals in a learner-centered environment.


Paid Websites for High-School Students:


  • Laurel Springs School: Laurel Springs is a private, online high school that offers a complete selection of academic and elective courses required for admission to college. It is both WASC and SACS CASI accredited.
  • Forest Trail Academy: Forest Trail Academy is an Online school for K-12 homeschooling that provides a full curriculum that has been aligned and articulated to the Common Core State Standards.
  • North-Star Academy: A private Christian online school offering international programs of study based on USA, Canadian, and UK curriculum models.




While it very often seems like many of the educational sites around the web were created with higher-learning in mind, there are a number of sites that would be of interest to students in the middle school grades;


Free Websites for Middle-School Students

  • Bj PinchBeck Homework Helper: Created by 9-year old BJ Pinchbeck in the 90’s, the Bj PinchBeck Homework Helper has evolved from being a small online reference into a comprehensive research site with hundreds of homework help links.


  • Learn Out Loud: LearnOutLoud.com provides an elaborate directory of educational content with over 50000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, and podcasts which can either be downloaded directly or streamed online
  • WhyVille: Whyville helps middle-schoolers learn about art history, science, journalism, civics, and economics through exploration and communication.


Paid Websites for Middle-School Students


  • Stanford Online High-School: Also of ivy-league heritage, Stanford online high school is a highly selective independent private school for particularly gifted middle-schoolers.
  • The KeyStone School: The Keystone School offers a flexible education program for high school, middle school and elementary school with more than 150 high school courses, core subjects, and electives.
  • International Connections Academy: International Connections Academy is a fully accredited, online private academy with uniquely individualized learning programs that include full-time schooling, individual courses, and a summer school.



Free Websites for Elementary-School Students

Book Adventure: Book Adventure is a free online reading program that welcomes children in grades K-8. The goal of the program is to get kids to read more and improve reading comprehension.

Book Wink: Created for students in grades 3-8, Bookwink publishes short audio podcasts and videos designed to get kids excited about reading. The site offers book recommendations by subject, grade level, author, or title.

Math Play Ground: This site is intended for elementary and middle school students and is particular for providing math learning aids and Instructables.


Paid Websites for Elementary-School Students


  • Virtual Elementary School: Virtual Elementary School is mostly Ontario-based content and instruction for elementary learners around the world
  • K12.com: K-12 provides online education solutions for students in pre-school through to the 12th grade
  • Connections Academy: Connections Academy is a free online school where students in grades K–12 can attend from home. It is a quality home-school alternative for those in search of one.




Free Websites for Pre-Schoolers


  • PBS kids.org: PBS website offers printable activities, games and coloring pages which attract and engage young students, easing the learning process.
  • Abcya.com: ABCya focuses mostly on building math, reading, and writing skills, but it also covers some additional topics including holiday themes
  • Sprout: Sprout is the 24-hour preschool TV network with Math, spelling and coloring exercises for the ages of 2 to 6 years.


Paid Websites for Pre-Schoolers


  • ABC Mouse: ABCmouse.com is a global education initiative of Age of Learning, Inc. ABCmouse.com helps kids learn to read through phonics, and teaches lessons in a variety of other vital subjects
  • Jumpstart.com: This site teaches preschoolers and kindergartners fundamental skills such as reading, listening, critical thinking.
  • Chalk Pre-School: CHALK Preschool has an elaborate online preschool curriculum with lessons, games & activities available to children at $3.99 per month.




These options would be particularly useful for students with physical and/or learning disabilities as their websites have each been crafted to suit users in this category –



Finally, while e-learning may not necessarily be a panacea, and should, as a matter of fact, be approached critically – it is evident that relying on face-to-face learning activities is not only limiting but is unnecessary especially in a world where achieving literacy inconvenience is a viable option.